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Case Study

CEO of A&M Scotland, Robert McHarg, said:

“Exsel Group’s print management service has been highly professional and extremely efficient for A&M Scotland.

The team at Exsel have always been available to answer any queries or resolve any issues with our printing systems, providing us with a high-quality service in a timely fashion.”

Case Study

The Background
A&M Scotland is a registered charity based in Glasgow that delivers a programme of activities to children in areas of high social deprivation. They aim to improve young people’s lives by increasing their physical and mental health by engaging them in weekly activities.

The Challenge
A&M Scotland found that as their charity began to grow, the time involved in managing their own print systems began to increase, along with the costs. A&M Scotland wanted to find a solution that helped them to decrease the effort involved with managing their printing systems, while also reducing the cost involved.

Exsel Group’s challenge was to provide A&M with a printing service that worked for them.

The Solution
Exsel Group fitted A&M Scotland’s office with state of the art printers to increase efficiency and reduce cost in the long-term. We also used the Print Fleet system in order to manage A&M Scotland’s printing.

Print Fleet allows Exsel Group to monitor toner levels in real time, which enables us to act proactively to keep toner levels topped up. With their Printing Systems managed by Exsel Group, A&M Scotland could devote their time to their core functions.

The Future
Exsel Group continues to have a great relationship with one of Scotland’s best charities.

Exsel Group will continue to provide a top quality service to A&M Scotland, and keep searching for ways to reduce their printing costs and increase their efficiency.

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