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Case Study

Chairman at Central Taxis, Kevin Wood, said:

"A great service from a helpful team. We've worked with Exsel Group over a number of years and have always been very happy with their service.

Tom McDonald and his Exsel team are always available to assist - whether in person or by phone - with any issues we have, providing prompt and knowledgeable help to diagnose and solve the problem.

What also helped us was their proactive monitoring of the networks to alert us to any further issues coming down the line at us.

That's the sort of service we require from a communications partner. We need to know we can depend on them to help us when technology is not functioning. With Exsel Group, I am always confident that this is the service we'll get."

Case Study

The Background
Central Taxis are Edinburgh's largest black taxi company. For over 45 years they have been one of Edinburgh's most reliable taxi companies. Central Taxis operate as a co-operative with over 1300 drivers from the local community and operate Edinburgh's biggest fleet, with over 465 black cabs on a 24/7 basis.

The Challenge
As Edinburgh's largest taxi operator, communication is essential to allow Central Taxis to operate as efficiently as possible in an environment that's driven by apps, locators, and a customer expectation of immediate service.

Central Taxis had experience with outages from previous mobile phone providers - causing serious problems, as a taxi business is dependent on mobile broadband to relay pick-up and drop-off information to drivers and customers.

Our challenge was to improve the mobile and broadband solutions, removing these issues for drivers and customers.

The Solution
Exsel worked closely with Central Taxis staff to identify the biggest issues facing their drivers.

The solution provided was a 24-hour mobile response from all directors, as well as back-up SIM cards, allowing us to keep cars on the road.

The Result
A solution was created that delighted the team at Central Taxis, allowing them to provide seamless service for their 1300 drivers.

The Future
Exsel Group continues to have a great relationship with one of Edinburgh's largest black taxi company.

For over 45 years, Central Taxis have been one of Edinburgh's most reliable taxi companies, and our service will help to ensure that they remain the trusted choice for years to come.

At Exsel Group, we never stop thinking about ways that we can improve the service to our clients. We will look out for the next generation of mobile products that can make the service at Central Taxis even better.

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