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Case Study

George Aird, Managing Director at City Cabs, said:

"We at City Cabs are both pleased and excited to be working in partnership with Exsel Group.

City Cabs once again are unique in offering this free service to all our customers, enabling the Business Community, Tourist and the General Public to stay connected at all times."

Case Study

The Background
City Cabs are Edinburgh's largest and longest serving taxi association and boast a fleet of over 450 vehicles. Since 1925 City Cabs have been offering a quality service that is backed up by the best technology on the market.

The Challenge
Over the past few years, free community Wi-Fi has become standard, with cities across the world offering free connectivity in airports, cafes, retail stores and public spaces.

Today, it's a general expectation that smartphone, tablet and handheld device connectivity is available from practically anywhere, at any time.

The exception to this is Scotland has been Wi-Fi provision in taxis. Our challenge was to equip City Cabs with free w-fi across their entire network.

The Solution
All 450 fleet vehicles were fitted with fully operational Wi-Fi systems running on the O2 network. Now passengers in City Cabs vehicles will be able to stay connected across Edinburgh, from the Old Town to Leith.

The Result
The result - a solution that delighted the team at City Cabs, allowing them to provide seamless, superfast connectivity to their customers across their entire taxi fleet.

The Future
Exsel Group continues to have a great relationship with one of Edinburgh's larges black taxi companies.

Since 1925, City Cabs have been offering a quality service that is backed up by the best technology on the market, and our service will help ensure that they remain the trusted choice for years to come.

At Exsel Group, we never stop thinking about ways we can innovate to improve the service to our clients. We will look out for the next generation of products so that we can make the service at City Cabs even better.

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