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Business Phone Systems are changing, and with standard ISDN lines set to become redundant in the coming years, upgrading to a Hosted Telephony service is a vital step for your organisation to take.

Hosted IP telephony is a cloud-based phone system that will meet all your business needs.

Due to the cloud based nature of these systems, your phone is constantly updated and improved without the need to invest in new handsets.

There is no massive capital outlay, no need for a box on the wall or a maintenance contract as there is no kit to break down.

If one phone has a fault it won’t bring the whole office network down leaving you out of touch with your customers and the uptime is exemplary. If there is a fire or other disaster you can just lift your phone and start work again from wherever you are.

Your company can have one single phone number no matter where your workers are based. Staff can use an app to access any of their information from any device, wherever they are.

You are effectively saving money by buying a service from Exsel Group, making it easier to keep in touch and collaborate with clients and colleagues.

What you are getting is excellent call quality with all the usual features you would expect, such as shared voicemail boxes, but none of the drawbacks.

8x8 Hosted IP Telephony

Exsel Group works alongside 8x8 as a Gold Partner, to offer your business the most effective and high quality Hosted IP Telephony products.

8x8 have been named a UCaaS Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for 6 years in a row, so you know you’re receiving a high-quality product, matched with Exsel Group’s high-quality service.

With 8x8 Hosted IP Telephony products, you can save money on large start-up costs when compared to PBX systems, as we can add the service onto already existing kit, all the while offering you room to grow, as new connections can be added quickly and easily.

The products offered give you unparalleled call quality through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), while simultaneously offering you the ability to collect data on your calls.

Containing features such as:

  • Advanced call forwarding, meaning you can stay connected whether you’re in the office or out on your mobile.
  • Presence management, allowing you to see who is available and who is currently occupied.
  • The ability to host online meetings with audio and video.

With numerous features spread across 8x8’s Hosted IP Telephony products, we will pick the perfect product for you, offering a solution that will allow you to truly unify your communications.

Exsel Group is one of the country’s leading suppliers of hosted IP telephony.

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