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Exsel Group partners with Filestream

Would you like to Streamline your Business Processes, Increase Bottom Line and Reduce Carbon Footprint?

Investing in Document Management Software offers much more today than it did only a few years ago. It was then purely an archiving tool; in effect an electronic filing cabinet replacing standard paper filing methods.

Now, with File Stream we can show you a simple way to file and index ALL your records in one consistent electronic filing structure – including scanned-in paperwork, MS Office documents, CAD Drawings and JPEG images.

The advantages in efficiency will repay the investment in months rather than years!

  • Secure, Encrypted Documents
  • RBAC – Roles Bases Access Controlled
  • Advanced Record Management
  • Compliance
  • Flexible indexing options (incl. manual tagging and OCR – Optical Character Recognition)
  • Ease of Use
  • Many customers find they can replace existing, outdated (often expensive) software or use our Product and WEB API tools to integrate File Stream with other software programs.
  • In addition to its core function, it can be used as a basic contact management or support-call logging system.
  • Allows Barcodes to be read and documents to be automatically filed by the content

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