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Case Study

Michael Marek, ICT Manager at Richmond Fellowship Scotland said:

"When our existing suppliers insisted that we move network, it soon became obvious that the new service provided was not fit for purpose, and they were unable to provide a suitable alternative.

We engaged with the team at Exsel Group, who were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and quickly came up with an ideal solution to our problem.

The implementation of the solution was well-planned and co-ordinated and was expedited with minimal issues.

The team are a pleasure to deal with, and always available either in person, by phone or by email to help with new initiatives or to discuss new ideas.

We need to be confident that the provider we work with gets to know our business and what we're about and is able to bring us ideas, solutions, or options that will assist our communication strategy.

Going forward, we certainly hope that Exsel Group will be able to continue to fulfil this role and look forward to a long-term partnership."

Case Study

The Background
The Richmond Fellowship Scotland is a charity which supports over 2800 people across Scotland with a broad range of need to live as independently as possible in their own homes and communities.

They are the largest provider of social care services in Scotland, providing personalised, high-quality community-based support services for those who require support in their lives. Some may have mental health difficulties, learning disabilities or autism, others may have dementia, alcohol or drug issues.

Richmond Fellowship Scotland are people-focused, motivated by the needs of individuals and communities, not profit. They are driven by strong values and a firm commitment to choice, dignity and social inclusion.

The Challenge
Richmond Fellowship Scotland deal with a range of complexities in people's lives. The challenges that these can present mean that it is imperative that their support staff are able to communicate with other staff, management and outside agencies.

The Solution
Exsel Group provided Richmond Fellowship Scotland with a tailor-made mobile package of over 600 mobile connections. This package was designed to save them money and improve their logistics. We offer organisations a highly personalised service that routinely monitors the usage and bills of our customers to try and save them as much money as possible.

The Result
Our expert advice and network independence meant we could offer the best business mobile phones, contracts and tariffs to help meet the specific needs of a charity like the Richmond Fellowship.

Being connected is key for the staff at Richmond Fellowship Scotland to provide their essential services to vulnerable people.

The Future
At Exsel Group, we find it important to connect with and work closely with charities. Therefore, we were delighted to have struck up a partnership with the Richmond Fellowship. We will keep looking for ways to help Richmond Fellowship Scotland save on their mobile solution, whilst improving their service with the latest technology.

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