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Case Study

Head of Business Development at the Scottish FA, Donald Young, said:

"The Scottish Football Association has had a business partnership with Exsel Group for over a year.

Exsel Group provides us with over 180 business mobile phones, helping staff in a variety of roles and in locations around the world, to work productively and efficiently.

We have always been very happy with the great customer service provided by the friendly and highly professional team at Exsel Group.

Exsel Group are also a valued member of the Scottish FA Business Club Network and Exsel Group MD, Tom McDonald, is always happy to assist with any Scottish FA query.

I would not hesitate in recommending Exsel Group and the services of Tom McDonald to any business across Scotland."

Case Study

The Background
The Scottish Football Association is the governing body of football in Scotland and has the ultimate responsibility for the control and development of football in Scotland. Members of the SFA include clubs in Scotland, affiliated national associations, as well as local associations. It was formed in 1873, making it the second oldest national football association in the world.

The Challenge
The Scottish Football Association chose Exsel Group over other competitors to deliver their business mobile solutions.

The Scottish Football Association is responsible for the functionality of the game in Scotland, with key operations in the national team and in the Scottish Cup tournaments, so it's vitally important that the staff are connected with the latest in mobile technology.

The Solution
Providing over 180 mobiles, Exsel Group help the staff at the Scottish FA work productively and efficiently in a variety of roles up and down the country.

Exsel worked closely with the Scottish FA to ensure that the business mobile solution suited the varied needs of their staff.

The Result
Delivering state of the art business mobile solutions to over 180 members of staff helps the Scottish FA to stay connected and productive on the move. In the fast-paced and dynamic world of football, this is vitally important.

Strategies and operations of the game can change with the kick of a ball. Whether the match goes to penalties, the underdog pulls off a shock win, or a moment of controversy decides a game, being connected is key for the staff at the Scottish FA.

The Future
We will continue to work with the Scottish Football Association, and look for the next generation of mobile products to keep them up to date and better their operations.

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