SEC - Print Management

Case Study

The Background
The SEC is one of the UK’s leading conference and exhibition campus centres. Composed of three arenas, the SEC has been providing Scotland with its world class facilities since 1985. The SEC requires the best technology on the market in order to maintain their top-quality service.

The Challenge
As the SEC’s reputation and campus grew over the years, they began to struggle with the management and costs of their printing systems, due to the size and scope of their business.

For large companies, managing printing systems and gaining efficiency can be a difficult process, firms often have to dedicate resources that would be better spent in other areas of the business to manage their printing systems.

The Solution
Exsel Group provided SEC with state of the art UTAX printers in order to increase their efficiency per print, and increase functionality with their business.

Exsel Group also implemented a print management system in order to streamline the SEC’s printing systems, providing the SEC with a proactive service that ensured toner never ran dry.

The Result
Exsel Group were able to provide the SEC with state of the art printers and a proactive management system. The implementation of this service allowed for the SEC to save costs on printing in the long-term, while also freeing up resources that were previously focused on managing their print systems.

The Future
Exsel Group look forward to the future with the SEC, and will continue to effectively manage their printing systems. Exsel Group will also strive to consult the SEC on what printing service would be the best for them, in order to continue to make their printing as efficient as it can be.

James Mumford, SEC and SSE Hydro:

“The overall engagement with Exsel Group was highly professional. Exsel Group’s technical team brought extensive technical skill and an in-depth product knowledge to the project.

The UTAX devices have met expectations in performance, quality, and reliability. Delivering an extremely flexible and robust solution.

I have also been impressed with Exsel Group’s commitment to customer service and their willingness to resolve issues as they arise.”

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