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Case Study

Customer Testimonial

Stuart Gallagher, Company Secretary, said:

"As shipping is a 24 business, the Songa Ship Management vessels need to be in regular contact with the Company and Exsel Group ensure that any issue that affects this are dealt with quickly and extremely efficiently.

"We have been in association with Exsel Group for many years now. At the outset it was only the IT sector that Exsel Group dealt with but latterly our communications have been looked after as well.

As with the IT side, they have proved to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful in obtaining not only the correct deals but also the most reliable equipment.

We can say that we are extremely happy with the way this was both procured and maintained over the years. Any issues that have arisen in that time have been dealt with quickly and efficiently to ensure continued operation. This is not only covered over normal business hours but more importantly out of hours as well.

As a worldwide Ship Management Company both sides of Exsel Group business are really important to us."

Case Study

The Background
Songa Ship Management is a transportation and logistics specialist in marine shipping. They have a worldwide operation with a 24 hour business.

The Challenge
Songa Ship Management initially chose Exsel Group over other competitors to deliver their business IT requirements. They are responsible for the functioning and logistical operations in shipping across the world, so it's vitally important that their vessels and staff have IT they can rely on.

The Solution
Exsel Group provide Songa with their IT requirements, such as servers and software, to help the staff at Songa Ship Management work productively and efficiently in their roles across the globe.

We worked closely with Songa Ship Management to ensure that the IT solutions suited the varied needs of their staff and operations that often need to be solved out of business hours.

The Result
Delivering the latest IT solutions to Songa Ship Management helps them improve their operations and logistics. After impressing them with our IT solutions, we have also taken over their communication requirements.

The Future
We will continue to work with Songa Ship Management to look for the next generation of IT and communication products that can better the 24 hour operations of a ship management company.

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